Apollo 50 and Cornwall

We had a wonderful day at Goonhilly Earth Station celebrating the lunar landings on Saturday. The celebrations kicked off early and went on all day and night, reaching the 3.56BST time which Neil Armstrong placed the first human footprint onto the moon.

I was there with Mayes Creative and their wonderful meteor sculpture and its cosmic ray detector. More can be seen about what we got up to where we were interviewed by Cornwall live.

I also made it onto ITV West country news on their Saturday night broadcast talking about cosmic rays – this can be viewed here

I also wrote a lovely article for Astronomy Now (July issue), all about the role Goonhilly played in the broadcasting of the Apollo 11 lunar landing images.  If you haven’t seen this months issue it’s well worth checking out as its full of wonderful lunar memories and features.


A big thank you to all the people who made this event possible – it was wonderful to play a small part on the day in which Goonhilly showcased the best of Space Cornwall on this amazing anniversary.