The Hurlers Inter-circle link under the Moonlight

The Hurlers is a wonderful triple stone circle site located within a larger ritual landscape on Bodmin Moor. There has been a number of excavations undertaken at the site including the exposing of the inter circle pathway, which is a unique and interesting feature.

During 2013 Mapping the Sun project, when the pathway was exposed and excavated, there was an observation that it could have been made to look like Milky Way on the ground. Although the pathway is now been turfed over we had the idea of recreating this effect. The moor itself has a yellow clay and anyone walking around in the troughs and valleys may find their boots stained in the wonderful yellow colour, although there was no remaining evidence of this we thought what would happen if the stones in this pathway had been packed with the yellow clay around them. How would that look under a full Moon? How would it look in the dying sunlight of an evening?


An experiment was born.

We headed out onto the moor with a long sheet of yellow cloth and laid it upon the location of the inter-circle link, we waited and watched the sunset and then we also watched what happened in the moonrise, I am sure you will love the results we found in the video below.