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New for 2023

Wheel of Time Sunset Walks

Next Walk: 3rd May 7 pm, Visiting Tregeseal circles for sunset.

Please contact me to book through the contacts button above or book through the payment button below ๐Ÿ™‚



Sites of Prehistoric Bodmin Moor – NEW BOOK Now out

I hope you’ll all love this new book and will be inspired to explore Bodmin Moor.

Bringing alive the sites of Prehistoric Bodmin Moor, this guide is densely packed with wondrous ancient remains to visit in and around the moor. Featuring over eighty monuments including stone circles, barrows, stone rows and standing stones. Each site is richly illustrated with a photograph and a description of its location and how it may relate to the landscape and skyscape in which it is situated. So grab your boots and head out, why not discover some of the incredible prehistory that Bodmin Moor has to offer?

You can order a copy directly through this website or via Amazon (Kindle on preorder/paperback released 24 Oct).

If you wish to order a copy here please message me through the contact link above with your order details, name., address and number of copies you would like. You can pay through the link or send a cheque/PayPal me the balance ๐Ÿ™‚

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Price = ยฃ12 + ยฃ3 PP (please contact for postage rates outside UK)

Paperback ยฃ12 / Kindle ยฃ9.99

What’s the difference between amazon and direct sales copies?? – There is no difference in content, amazon offers kindle and print-on-demand versions. They do their own printing and the quality may not be as high as the ones I print and sell through the website. Although you will get the PP for free if you are a prime member so they can work out a little on the cheaper side!!




Hi, you have made it here, welcome to my site! I hope you find what you came looking for, if not feel free to contact me.

I’m Carolyn Kennett and I work in the field of astronomy and archaeoastronomy, with most of my practice being in the far southwest of the UK. I’m lucky because Cornwall has a great astronomical history and a wealth of ancient sites right on my doorstep, there is certainly enough to keep me busy!

At the top you will see some tabs, these will link to information about books I have had a hand in, the tours I give and lots of free resources which have been made along the way. If you are interested in what I have been up to there is a page listing articles I have written and links to videos/interviews etc. 

Finally, there is a blog, and I occasionally get the time to update with thoughts, musings and other things going on in my world. Please follow if you want to be kept in the know.

Enjoy and keep looking up ๐Ÿ™‚ 


An Audio Tour in Cornwall of an Ancient Landscape

Fancy walking through the Tregeseal landscape? Where I will take you on an audio walking tour of the sites and sounds around the landscape?

I have created one of the Tregeseal landscape and its connections to the night sky, we will visit a number of ancient sites along the route and all directions are given as you follow the story. All of this is done through the amazing Voice map app. All you need to do to have a go is create an account, download the tour (small fee) and have a go. I’d love to hear how you get on with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Also Tregeseal !!! A video made as part of the Mayes Creative project Watching the Sun looking at the ancient landscape around Tregeseal -with myself talking about the connectivity to the Sun ๐Ÿ™‚

Much more can be found out about the archaeoastronomy of Cornwall in my book Celestial Stone Circles of West Cornwall. Otherwise, come and join me for a tour of the sites, you can book by contacting me through this website.

Showery Tor sunrise

Watching the Sun

A recent talk that I gave along with Cheryl Straffon about the sun and ancient sites in Cornwall can be viewed here. A booklet which was produced to go with this project in Conjunction with Mayes Creative and Meyn Mamvro is available for order from here: Meyn Mamvro

The Hurlers stone circle complex

I have undertaken work at the Hurlers with local astronomers and archaeologists, we were lucky enough to make a film of some of this work. Here is a link to a video made at the Hurlers stone circle site. This is a significant prehistoric landscape that has had a number of archaeological digs including; Mapping the Sun and Reading the Hurlers. This video explores both the archaeology and the astronomical links at the site.