Articles and Talks


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A selection of appearances at talks, radio shows and podcasts.

Prehistoric Bodmin Moor – Megalithamania 2023

Equiinox at St Ives Library

Uranus and Neptune – Nottingham Trent University 2023

A chat on Out of the Blank with American Podcaster Robb

6000 years of Astronomy History Oct 2021/2 Cosmos, Dark Skies Week Isles of Scilly.

Wild Skies Film made for the Tin Coast.

Neptune – Society for the History of Astronomy. May 2021

The Hurlers, JSA/Sophia Centre Skyscape Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series Oct 2020

Watching the Sun with Cheryl Straffon, this talk can be viewed here Sept 2020

One big question? Where on Earth actually is the Earth? Jun 2020 Radio Cornwall with Jack Murley.

Jun 2020 Society of Poplar Astronomy, Pop Astro with Vicky Duncalf. The Summer Solstice Special

May 2020 Astro Radio with Pete Williamson. Talking all things solar and ancient monuments.

Mar 2020 St Just Library Millennia of Dark Skies – The History of Astronomy in West Cornwall

Jan 2020 Miners and Mechanics Institute. The History of Astronomy in Cornwall

Nov 2019 The Tate St Ives – Measuring the Universe with Mayes Creative.

Nov 2019 Pothmeor Studios – Measuring the Universe with Mayes Creative.

Sept 2019 Cohort, St Ives Festival – 400 Lightyears and the Transit of Venus.

Sept 2019 Dark Skies Stakeholder Event – The Wonders of the Night Sky.

July 2019 Week in Archaeology – Boscawen-un an Astronomical Observatory?

July 2019 Avanti Communications Ltd, History of Astronomy in Cornwall.

June 2019 Helston Museum of Cornish Life, 400 Light Years and the Transit of Venus.

May 2019 Cornwall Archeological Society AGM, Astronomy and Ancient Penwith.

Nov 2018 Trencrom Dowsers, Astronomy and Ancient Penwith.

June 2018 St Hilary Churchtown Museum – Malachy Hichens and the First Computers.

May 2018 Pathways to the Past. St Just – Celestial Stone Circles & Boscawen-ûn.

April 2018 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, The Heritage of Astronomy in Ancient Cornwall – Archaeoastronomy Heritage in West Penwith.

March 2018 Royal Cornwall Museum, Astronomical Heritage of East Cornwall (covering archaeoastronomy on Bodmin Moor).