Archaeoastronomy Resources

The Hurlers Film made with Jacky Nowakowski and Brian Sheen.

This video was made for Cornwall Sea to Stars a Royal Astronomical Society RAS200 funded project.


Interview on Astro Radio talking about the Hurlers etc.

Dark Skies Bright Stars Hurlers Leaflet

This leaflet about the Hurlers Stone circles on Bodmin Moor was produced by the Mayes Creative, Dark Skies, Bright Stars project in 2017, to download the leaflet please follow the link

Hurlers Leaflet Archaeoastronomy

The Hurlers Yellow Cloth Experiment Video – see blog for more 🙂

The yellow cloth experiment – this experiment looked at whether reduced light settings such as the Full Moon or the setting Sun would have any effect on the illumination of the inter-circle link/pathway which is located between the circle.

The Lizard Peninsula – Ancient Beacons Leaflet

This leaflet is a self-drive tour of some of the Lizard’s wonderful ancient monuments. Many of these acted at beacons in the landscape and were a way for people to navigate and communicate with each other.

Lizard Beacons leaflet.

Dark Skies Bright Stars Penwith Archaeoastronomy and Natural Navigation Leaflet

This leaflet is all about archaeoastronomy and natural navigation techniques which can be used. The emphasis is on the West Penwith area of Cornwall but all the techniques can be used elsewhere in the UK. This was produced as part of the Dark Skies Bright Stars 2018 project – by

Penwith Archaeoastronomy Leaflet

Astronomy History Resources

John Bradley Astronomer visits Cornwall 1769

John Bradley was the Nephew of Astronomer Royal James Bradley. He observed the Transit of Venus in 1769 and calculated the longitude of Lizard Point during the summer of 1769. This article is about his life and time in Cornwall

Here is a leaflet produced as part of Mayes Creative Measuring the Universe Project in 2019. This was made to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Transit of Venus. It includes Bradley in 1769, as well as the 1761 transit and astronomer Haydon at Liskeard.

The Cornish Transit of Venus and Measuring the Universe

The following article originally published in the Society for the History of Astronomy’s Antiquarium Astronomer Issue 9 July 2015

John Bradley Article

The Lizard Light-houses, Cornwall null by William Daniell 1769-1837

Malachy Hitchins – a leaflet and article about this 18th Century Mathematician and Astronomer.

Produced as part of the Dark Skies Bright Stars, 2018 project a leaflet all about this Cornish Astronomer

Malachy Hitchins Leaflet

and a paper all about his life and work in Cornwall – he was comparer of the Nautical Almanac and a wonderful teacher to future generations of scientists.

Malachy Hitchens life and work

Images of the Malachy Banners made but St Hilary School for the Mayes Creative Dark Skies Project. Now hung in St Hilary Churchtown schoolhouse museum.

John Couch Adams a leaflet and booklet about this 19th Century Mathematician and Astronomer.

All produced by Mayes Creative during the Dark Skies project 2018

Tour of John Couch Adams’s Cornwall

Manga drawn John Couch Adams booklets, Manga drawings by Keith Sparrow.

John Couch Adams English version

John Couch Adams Cornish version