Cornwall and the History of Astronomy

Astronomy History

Famous astronomers such as John Couch Adams and Malachy Hitchins were born in Cornwall. Other astronomers conducted important astronomical work in Cornwall, such as John Bradley at the Lizard Lighthouse in 1769. You may like to check out the work I have done in this field under the books or resources tabs

There is lots more information about these historic astronomers and their discoveries on The Society for the History of Astronomy’s survey page for Cornwall click the link below to visit their page.

Cornwall Astronomy Survey Page

Here is the wonderful Cornish Astronomy Hero’s Booklet inspired by The Society for the History of Astronomy’s Cornwall Astronomy Survey pages it was drawn by manga artist Keith Sparrow for the Mayes Creative Dark Skies Bright Stars Project and was produced as a Heritage Lottery and Feast funded project.

Cornish Astronomy Hero’s Booklet

2017 Eclipse of the Sun Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA