The Hurlers

Film about the archaeology and skyscape at the Hurlers

This video was made for Cornwall Sea to Stars a Royal Astronomical Society RAS200 funded project and looks at the work completed at the Hurlers during the 2013 Mapping the Sun and the 2016 Reading the Hurlers digs. It also talks to Brian Sheen about his work on archaeoastronomy at the Site

Chatting about the Hurlers with Harry Aug 2021

Leaflet – tour of The Hurlers

Investigating the archaeology and astronomy at The Hurlers – a paper discussing the skyscape at the Hurlers and what insights were drawn after the 2013 and 2016 digs. Published 2020 in Skyscape Archaeology issue 6.1

Interview on Astro Radio about the Hurlers

The Hurlers Yellow Cloth Experiment Video

The yellow cloth experiment – this experiment looked at whether reduced light settings such as the Full Moon or the setting Sun would have any effect on the illumination of the inter-circle link/pathway which is located between the circle.