Propped stone / pseudo quoit at Carn Kenidjack

Possible propped stone on Carn Kenidjack.

Walking towards Carn Kenidjack you cannot be astounded by the magnificent rock formation that forms the main outcrop on the hilltop. This natural formation is clearly visible for miles around and must have acted as a visual marker in the West Cornwall upland area.

Interestingly I have often wondered about one part of this formation which does not look like it is part of the natural feature but seems to be a later human addition. Approaching from the NE side or nearest North Road to the right hand side of the outcrop is a large rock propped onto 2 stones. One of these stones is much smaller than the other, but between the two they raise the large piece of granite away from the main structure. The large rock balanced on these stones has a capstone shape especially when viewed from further afield. About half a mile distant on a visible ridge is Chun Quoit and it amazes me the similarity in shape of the two objects when viewing the objects from each other. I wonder if the stone high on Carn Kenidjack is a propped stone or pseudo quoit much in the manner of the propped quoit of Leskernick.

A further consideration is that when you stand at Chun Quoit on the winter solstice you will see the Sun sets behind Carn Kenidjack and during prehistory it would have highlighted the pseudo quoit even more. If people did move a rock to the top of this formation it would have been a massive undertaking and shows the reverence they held for the Chun quoit on the local hillside and its connection at the winter solstice and the outcrop of Carn Kenidjack

Image taken at winter solstice sunset

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