Little Galver and the Midpoint Sun

I first visited Little Galver’s viewing station on an excellent Pathways to the Past (CASPN) walk lead by David Giddings. I was amazed by this wonderful hidden spot on the West Penwith moors. A triangular collection of stones frames the impressive Carn Galver. While there I took a quick compass reading which said approx. 270 degrees and since then I had wondered how the framed Carn Galver would interplay with the equinox setting sun. I finally had an opportunity to go check this out on Saturday night (Equinox+1) and took some images during the event. The sun did not just set quickly but surprisingly it rolled down the spine of the hillside, creating a spectacle which lasted nearly ten minutes. Towards the end, it dipped in and out of the nooks and crannies which made up the uneven spine. What a solar extravaganza, such a sight to behold and who knows who had seen it last, maybe no one since prehistory.

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