2021 roundup

Even with its challenges, 2021 has been a busy year, both for my own practice and projects that I have been working on with Mayes Creative.

Here’s a bit of a round up of some of the fun and antics I’ve been involved with this year. Most of it is here in Cornwall and I’m really grateful to have met some wonderful people along route, making friends with lots of amazing creatives, historians and scientists.

In no particular order

Dark skies achieved for west Cornwall 🥳 with Sue James and Jon Brookes at the announcement
Book finally finished, only a year (or so) late for the 200 year anniversary, but who’s counting!!!🤣🥳
Winter Solstice dawn to dusk walk 2021 – it begins!!!!
Down a mine choosing a spot for the pendulum experiment to weigh the world
Filming with the Coastwatch talking Wild Weather at Cape Cornwall for the Tin Coast project.
Leading a CASPN walk to Boscawen-ûn stone circle. Stood with Cheryl Straffon and John Moss at the start.
Leading a group of artists on a walk in Coverack talking sea roads.
Watching Harry Fricker at work durimg the Coverack artist residency
Jo Mayes cooking up alternative film processing stuff at the Coverack artist residency
Sound recording at the Hurlers with Mayes Creative, Justin Wiggan and Rex Henry
Getting ready for a solar eclipse with GCSE Astronomy students
Flower Bashing with the fab CN4C from Redruth in Zennor this summer
A walk from Sancreed to Carn Euny talking ancient skies for the Penwith Landscape Partnership and Mayes Creative
Digging a hole with the PLP under the watchful eye of Laura the archaeologist.
Providing skyscape data for Pheobe Herrings amazing reconstruction of Bartinney
Shallal making music and dance at Tregeseal
More music making at Tregeseal stone circle with Shallal
Stargazing with CN4C at Dolcoath mine part of Mayes Creative Above and Below project
Walking a group from the Cot valley to Tregeseal, learning a little Cornish onroute. With Mayes Creative.
Helping Terence Meaden take measurements at the Merry Maidens
Make and Do. Isles of Scilly dark skies week at St Martin’s Observatory, making Solar Cans
Finally not on zoom at Dark Skies Week St Martin’s Isles of Scilly
Polishing a greenstone axe at Helston Museum with Serpentine worker Don Taylor
Sea to Stars trailer out and about at Goonhilly Earth Station
Back out with Shallal making noise in Carn Euny Fogou
In a Fogou with Justin Wiggan sound testimg
Me down a hole again, this time with Jo Mayes filming
At Pendeen fogou with Justin Wiggan
Pip’s choir singing in the landscape on a walk I led around Zennor
Pip Wright’s choir taking inspiration from Zennor hedges ready to make songs for Mayes Creative Above and Below project
At Gwealon Tops Redruth with Manga Drawing ace Keith Sparrow, talking astronomy history to kids, making manga drawings of Edwin Dunkin. (Edwina Dunkin as he became known 🤣)

And thanks to my wonderful partner Jamie Ashley for taking the photos of me xxx

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