11 years since Huygens landed.


On this day 11 years ago a tiny probe named Huygens landed on Saturn’s moon Titan.  Sending back images of an Earth like but dry landscape.

The science collected by this audacious and tiny probe wasn’t the end of the story for Titan.  The Cassini – Huygens mission has gone through lots of discoveries since. Particularly that Titan isn’t as dry and barren as first envisioned.  Lakes at the North and South pole’s.  The lakes are made of liquid methane and imaged by the RADAR equipment on the Cassini satellite.

Happy landing anniversary Hugyens


3 thoughts on “11 years since Huygens landed.

  1. This is a great memory! I remember the first images coming down from Cassini. The intrepid, little probe performed brilliantly! That orange, hauntingly surreal image of the surface still gives me pause over ten years later. The Cassini mission ends September, 2017 but what a great ride its been! Tempus fugit!

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    1. cornishstargazer

      It doesn’t feel like 11 year has passed. I agree Cassini has been such an amazing mission. And I really hope to see a return to Titan’s surface in my lifetime.

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      1. I know, time flies! It was a great mission! I wrote to Carolyn Porco, mission imaging team lead, asking if a 2nd extended mission is possible. Her response was “not a chance”! Lets enjoy the remaining 21 months of Cassini. Check out ciclops.org.

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