A Cornish sunrise – at last!

pluto blue sunrise

Image credit JPL NASA

Watching stargazing live  (our annual astronomical tv fest with Brian Cox)  last night I was reminded that different planets would have different coloured sunrises.  Above is a beautiful image of Pluto’s blue sunrise taken by the picture taken by the New Horizons Ralph/Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera.  It is thought that the blue colour comes from nitrogen, methane and particles called tholins.

Winter has been a bit of a damp squid here in Cornwall.  There has not been a sunrise to be seen.  One storm after another this winter has arrived from across the Atlantic and we have already reached the letter R in the naming of them.   I had nearly forgotten what a Earth sunrise looked like.

So this morning when there was a beautiful sunrise with hints of purple I just have to catch this picture of it.  It may not be blue but it certainly was pretty.


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