Amazing – 2 clear nights in a row.

Armed with my camera and tripod I headed up the hill again last night.  My idea was to have a go at getting a star trail photo.  I knew I had about an hour to get the shots in before the Moon started to rise and.  So starting before full astronomical darkness I set up my camera and started to take the shots.  I decided that I would face north so the stars would rotate around Polaris.  I set my camera at 18mm to a ISO of 1600 and a F 5.6.  I took shots for 1 minute each.  Tbh its all a great learning curve.  Next time I will wait until the sky is properly dark.  As the first few pictures came out a bit on the bright side.  My next target was the Milky way.  I probably should have had a tracking mount for this one as the stars are starting to trail even with a shot of just 40 seconds.  Finally I got in a quick shot of Orion before the Moon rose and I headed home.


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