Lightning strikes


lightning penzance

Lightning over Penzance Credit Adam Gibbard

Lightning stuck Penzance at 4am Sunday morning doing damage to our works phone line. Reported by the local newspaper it was a strike that was large enough to disable car batteries, take down the internet and make plasma tv’s fall from their wall mountings smashing on the floor.  Lightning news.  I love a good thunder storm but this has to be one of the most destructive strikes in Penzance’s history.

A nice piece of technology added to the ISS in 2014 is the lightning imaging sensor.  It records lightning strikes and works on recording lightning both during the night and day.  It would be nice to know if the sensor had recorded the strike and we could find out how powerful it was.  Time for me to go back to trying to get the phone line fixed. Thank goodness for mobiles!


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